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The Rocky Horror Show Book, published in 1987, was Harding's only history of a theatre show.
"The coverage of the early shows and the general style of the book is excellent, of all the "Rocky" books I have in my collection this is still by far a favourite choice."TimeWarp

The book
The Rocky Horror Show has been a stupendous stage success, an enduring cult film, and the subject (or victim) of countless revivals since its birth in 1973.  In this book the whole gruesome, hilarious, erotic, outrageous history of Rocky Horror in all its forms is displayed in this affectionate homage.  From the moment Tim Curry immortalised the role of Frank N. Furter, The Rocky Horror Show became a fixture and this book records its history from a fringe production in Chelsea to one of 20th Century Fox's most prized and reliable 'earners'.  Illustrated throughout, and written with wit, style, authority and affection, THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW BOOK is for everyone who almost died laughing, for those who have heard about the myth or witnessed the legend.  Written with the co-operation of The Rocky Horror Show's author, Richard O'Brien, THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW BOOK has all the spirit, verve and eccentricities of the show itself.  
The show
The first performance of The Rocky Horror Show was on 16th June 1973 in The Theatre Upstairs on Sloane Square.  In 1974 it made its American debut in Los Angeles, where it had a successful nine month run, and in 1975 it was adapted into the film The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which has the longest-running release in film history and a worldwide cult following.  Despite this, both the show and film retain their ability to shock, surprise and delight.