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La jalousie, a 1915 play by Sacha Guitry, is being performed in Paris,  11/12/12 - 16/12/12
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Sacha Guitry: The Last Boulevardier was Harding's first biography set against the backdrop of early 20th century French theatre.  
Reviews of Sacha Guitry: The Last Boulevardier
'...a delight.  Something of Sacha's own wit and llightness seem to have rubbed off on this biographer, who gets it all in the right perspective, really knows his Paris...' Philip Hope-Wallace, Guardian

'He is a virtuoso guide and showman of our friends across the Channel...and contrives to write splendidly and wittily about them.' John Raymond, Sunday Times

The book
Sacha Guitry (1888 - 1957) was, for over fifty years, the uncrowned king of the boulevard theatre, the incarnation of Parisian wit and elegance.  Harding's biography has fully brought out Sacha's entertainment value and also penetrates beneath the dazzling surface to reveal a very considerable artist.  Poet, sculptor, cartoonist and inimitable raconteur, Sacha was the idol of le-tout-Paris.  Sacha loved many women, though he gave his love equally to the pictures and objets d'art which made up his fabulous art collection.  The last in a line of flamboyant boulevardiers noted for their cynical epigrams and insolent wit, Sacha, as he was universally known, had a unique career to which Harding's biography has done full justice.  All Francophiles will want to read this fascinating panorama of one of the most exciting periods in French theatrical and artistic life.  At the same time it is an authoritative addition to existing knowledge of the age, and, with its wealth of valuable documentary and bibliographical detail, will be essential for every serious student. 
The man
Sacha Guitry, born Alexandre Georges Pierre Guitry, was the son of Lucien Guitry, France's greatest actor and was born into the theatre.  Sarah Bernhardt was the mentor of his youth - he wrote the last play in which she was to appear - and among his intimate friends were Renoir, Clemenceau, Monet, Jules Renard, Raimu, Alfred Jarry, André Messager, Oscar Straus and Reynaldo Hahn, not to mention all the leading French stage and cinema stars whom he cast in his own productions.  A child prodigy, Sacha went on to write, produce and star in over 120 plays and more than 30 films.  He loved many women and had five wives, among them Yvonne Printemps.

The French translation: Etonnant Sacha Guitry
In 1985, Charles Floquet translated the biography into French.  It contained different photographs, from the collection of  André Bernard .